Why People Keep Putting Cheese on Their Apple Pie

Putting cheese on apple pie has been a controversial debate for decades. This has been a favorite dessert for centuries. It is a tradition among certain areas, and the tradition will likely live on.

Individuals continue to put cheese on their apple pie because of cultural influences. Cheese on apple pie emerged in England and is therefore continuing to grow its popularity. In addition to England, this tradition lives on commonly within the upper Midwest.

Though it might seem strange to many, causing an uproar of debates, cheese actually makes a great addition to apple pie.

Where it began

There is a wide ranged belief that a pie is an all American dessert. Despite this popular belief, pies did not originate from America at all. The original pie can be credited to ancient Egyptians. The pies Egyptians created are known as galettes. Modern pies came from Medieval Europe. European pies are much more similar to the kind of pies that we all know and love today.

Therefore if pies did not even come from America, are apple pies at least American? The simple answer is that the so called “American dessert”, apple pie, is not so American after all.

The original apple pie was invented back in England. Apple pie can be dated back all the way to the 1300s. Since the 1300s, the recipe has been brought to America and it has been altered and modified throughout the years. One of these modifications include the addition of cheese.

Beginning of cheese on pies

Cheese on apple pie dates back to 17th century England. During the 17th century, individuals would top their pies with a dairy custard-like sauce. It was from that sauce that cheese on apple pie was born.

Why is it so controversial?

Cheese on apple pie sparks a debate that many are very opinionated on. This heated discussion has been occurring for years, and is becoming increasingly controversial as it is gaining more attention.

Many believe that a pie should either be sweet, or it should be savory. But what is the true correct answer? For instance a savory pie could be a classic cheese quiche, or a chicken pot pie. In the contrary it could be a sweet pie being combined with something else sweet, such as ice cream or a whipped topping Many do not believe it should be a combination of the two, and believe that even the mention of it is an absurd idea.

Some believe the apple pie is only a perfected dish once it is combined with their favorite cheese. It has been found that where an individual grew up largely influences their opinion on whether or not cheese belongs on apple pie. This makes it easier to understand why someone may be shocked to hear that others combine their pie with cheese, as they did not grow up with it.

Types of cheese that can be used

There is a various assortment of cheeses that are commonly used on apple pies. However, there is one type of cheese that has been said to be the supreme choice. This choice is sharp cheddar cheese, as it is said to be the best addition to apple pies by many who continue this tradition.

Other common types of cheese include Wensleydale, Camembert, Parmesan, Swiss, and provolone. Other types of cheeses are also common, however those are usually combined with different kinds of pies. All of these types of cheeses are apart of the apple pie and cheese phenomenon, and whichever is best is a personal choice.

How to cook cheese on apple pie

Cheese on apple pie can be made in several different ways, and each type is consumed and loved by people all throughout the world.

Cheese can be placed atop the pie while the cheese is cold or melted. In addition, the cheese can be placed atop the pie after the pie has been refrigerated or directly after it has been taken out of the oven.

Another common way to cook it is shredding the cheese into the apple pie filling. The last common way is to even bake it into the crust. Some even believe you should place the cheese on the side of the pie and eat it together that way. No matter what recipe an individual uses, it is a recipe for success.

Is it just apple pie?

While some may just be learning and accepting that cheese belongs on apple pie, it may be a shock that others throughout the world have been pairing cheese with many other types of pies as well.

Many who combine the two say cheese goes best with any fresh fruit pie. Such pies include a freshly baked cherry, a ripe strawberry, and of course the old fashioned peach. Of the three pies, one of the more common types is the cherry cheese pie.

However it is not just fresh fruit pies that can be combined with cheese. Another variation of pie that is fused together with cheese is the classic pumpkin pie. This is combined with the spicy cheese known as habanero cheddar.

Why do people continue to do this?

The classic tradition of apple pie and cheese is the most familiar in places that are best known for their dairy. Such places include Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. Of course, it is also an esteemed desert in England, as that is where the tradition began.

As someone who was born with English heritage, I have put cheese on my apple pie ever since I was a young girl. My mother taught me to do this, and told me that for the best results, to melt sharp cheddar cheese atop the apple pie. Despite the questioning glares I get from others as I do it, I will never stop.

The combination is so common and adored among certain places that if you order apple pie in a restaurant, it might even come with a slice of cheddar cheese on the side.

The sweet and savory combination of apple pie and cheese continues to expand its demographic region. As the growing controversy is shedding more light upon it, apple pie and cheese is growing more popular and more beloved.


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