About Us

Ricky and Anna make up the Cook For Folks team. They both have unique talents when it comes to creating delicious meals for others.

Coming from a large family himself, Ricky knows first-hand how to cook for large groups. He often enjoys cooking for his wife and 5 children at home. Check out his Teriyaki Chicken and Crockpot Cream Cheese Chicken recipes on the blog. Ricky also has experience with outdoor cooking. He can tell you what the absolute best pellet smoker is as he has tried out the big brands himself.

Anna learned to cook from her grandmother at a very young age. She remembers standing on stools to help her grandma make homemade bread, pasta, rolls, pies, cakes, casseroles and more. That love for cooking is still with her today. You can find her in the kitchen most weekends prepping all of her nutritious meals for the entire week. She loves using healthier ingredients to recreate all of your favorite comfort foods and desserts. Read more about Anna here.

Together they share their knowledge and passion of cooking with others by creating new recipes that your crowd will be sure to love and answering all of your large group gathering questions.