About Anna Silver

Anna Silver is a former TV reporter and anchor. She now helps people learn how to build brands and make an income with their blogs and YouTube channels through Project 24. She creates original recipes and is one of the main authors on CookForFolks.com.

I grew up in a small farming community in Southern Idaho where I remember learning how to cook at a very young age. I picked up the tricks of the trade from my now 98-year-old grandmother, Florence Mary who made many large meals to feed sheep crews that worked on her family ranch.

I can still remember the sights and smells of helping my grandma cook and bake. She would make homemade noodles for chicken noodle soup, kneaded dough for biscuits and rolls, picked rhubarb for homemade pies and even made birthday cakes from scratch for every person in the family. I want to give that same gift to others that my grandma gave to so many people.

Now I’m able to share my passion for creating delicious, healthy meals for friends and family right here on CookForFolks.com. Whether it’s a BBQ, large holiday event, family reunion, or any other type of gathering, we have you covered. I love sharing new recipes and answering all of your questions to make it the perfect occasion.