The Best Egg Separator Available Today

Eggs can be tricky, especially if you are trying to just cook with the whites or the yokes. And in today’s world where there is a tool for everything, this means that there are plenty of separators that make it easier for you to handle your eggs.

The top best egg separator, voted number one by Bustle, Amazon, and Good For You Kitchen, is the MCOMCE Premium 304 Egg Yolk Separator. It is a dish-washer safe egg yolk separator that allows for an exceptionally clean and quick separation of the yolk and egg whites.

Egg separators are a must-have for bakers, and whether you are looking for a simple one or the best of the best, here are the top 9 egg separators for your choice!

#9 SOLEADER Egg Separator

The SOLEADER egg separator is stainless steel, and large enough to separate XL eggs as well as small ones. It is dishwasher safe, and its spiral design makes it easy to clean by hand! It also has an extra-long handle to rest across any bowl or pan, leaving your hands free to better crack an egg!

You can purchase it here, on AmazonOpens in a new tab., for $10.99

#8 Trudeau 3-Egg Separator

This egg separator can hold three yolks at a time! It has a clip at the end, so you can better secure it to any bowl or pan, and is made of Polypropylene which makes it dishwasher safe! It internationally ships and is available everywhere!

You can buy it here for $8.99

#7 Peleg Design Silicone Egg Separator

This egg separator is adorable and in the silicone shape of a fish! The fish shape is squeezable and is able to suck up the yolk with ease. Not only is it helpful, but it is also super cute and dishwasher safe.

You can buy it here for $13.00

#6 ZUQIN Egg Separator

Whilst on the topic of adorable egg separators, this ZUQIN egg separator is a ceramic separator in the shape of a chick! The chicks beak is open, allowing for you to pour the egg whites out, and keep the yolk still intact! this egg separator is easy to clean but is not dishwasher safe.

You can buy it hereOpens in a new tab. for $9.99

#5 Colwyn Tupperware Separator

This separator is shaped like a Tupperware container, with two egg spaces on the lid. It gives a separate space for the egg whites to travel. This is helpful if you need to separate multiple eggs and want them all in one space. It is also dishwasher safe, and easy to clean, and super easy to store with its smaller size.

You can buy it hereOpens in a new tab. on Amazon for $12.99

#4 Ytuomzi Egg Separator

The Ytuomzi separator is specially designed to make sure that no yolk makes it through. this egg separator is made out of stainless steel, and easy to clean. It has a harsh edge that gives you a specific area for you to crack the egg. The only downside to this is that the handle is shorter, and may not stretch over all of your bowls or pans.

You can buy this here on Amazon for 8.99

#3 Kmeivol Stainless Steel Yolk White Separator

The Kmeivol separator is similar to the Ytuomzi separator in its design but has more holes for the whites to escape. This is another stainless steel egg separator. However, this egg separator has a short handle which can make it harder to crack the egg on bigger bowls, but it is a good option to attach to smaller bowls.

You can buy it hereOpens in a new tab. for $6.59

#2 Latauar Egg Separator

This separator is a handheld separator made of stainless steel. It holds one egg yolk and has drainage on the bottom for ideal egg separation. this separator, however, is a handheld egg separator, which can make it somewhat difficult to crack the egg, which is why it is lower on the list.

You can buy it hereOpens in a new tab. for $8.55

#1 MCOMCE Premium 304 Egg Yolk Separator

The MCOME Premium Egg Yolk Separator is ranked #1 by William Sonoma, and Amazon, for an egg yolk separator. It is stainless steel, with a long handle to rest against bowls and pans. It also claims to separate the yolk and whites within 3 seconds of the egg being cracked. Along with all of this, it is dishwasher safe and environmentally friendly!

You can buy it hereOpens in a new tab. for $7.59

At-Home Options

If you are not looking to purchase a whole new egg separator or you don’t have time to get a new egg separator, here are some things you can use to separate your egg whites and yolks that are probably already within your home!


If you are wanting to separate multiple eggs at a time, and do not want to do one after another, you can use a strainer on top of whatever bowl or pan you may be using. Crack the eggs in the strainer, and it should easily separate the whites. When you are done, you can either toss the yolks or put them in a separate container.

Normally the size of the holes in the strainer is not a problem. However, if the holes are too small the egg will take longer to separate.

Use The Egg Shell

The egg comes with its very own, built-in, separator! Cracking the egg down the middle, and using the two shells to pass the yolk between whilst letting the whites fall into your bowl, is a great at home way. This does make it so you have to crack one egg at a time and can risk getting shell within the bowl, but it is arguably the cheapest option without getting any more dishes dirty!

Clean Hands

When all else fails, passing the yolk between your hands will also separate the egg. This is a bit messier, and can be seen as unsanitary, but is a fail-safe for if you are trying to separate your egg. Just make sure your hands are clean!

Not everyone is a whiz in the kitchen, and especially with something as fragile as eggs it can be even more difficult. Let these tools make it easier for you!

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