Best Large Electric Griddles for Cooking for Groups

There are many large electric griddles on the market, however, they are not always very good. These electric griddles however are sure to satisfy your needs!

The best electric griddles for cooking for groups include the Presto 07061 Electric Griddle, Crux Extra Large Electric Griddle, Caynel Electric Griddle, AplusBuy Electric Griddle, Avantco EG24N Electric Griddle, Adcraft Electric Griddle, Cecilware Pro EL1636 Electric Griddle, & the Vevor Griddles.

Large electric griddles can be used anytime you are wanting to cook for a crowd. Large griddles are helpful when cooking for your entire family or all your friends! The larger the griddle, the more you will be able to cook at one time. Below is a list of the qualities of a great griddle, as well as a helpful chart to determine which griddle is best for you.

Aspects of great griddles

When shopping for your griddle, it can often be easy as well as tempting to purchase the first one you see with the cheapest price tag. However, keeping these tips in mind is helpful and will result in buying the best possible griddle for your needs.

The first aspect to consider when buying a griddle is the amount of electricity your griddle uses. Typically the more watts the griddle uses, the better the griddle. Some of the best electric griddles use about eighteen hundred watts of electricity.

The second aspect to consider when shopping for your perfect griddle is knowing whether or not it is non-stick. Having a non-stick electric griddle is essential as it prevents the food from sticking to the surface. Having a non-stick griddle will allow for a much easier time cleaning.

The third aspect to consider while buying your griddle is of course the price. While you of course want to get the cheapest option possible, it is also important to remember that you are buying for quality as well. Typically the more expensive option will last longer and will cook your food better. When purchasing a large electric griddle, the prices will range all the way from forty dollars to eight hundred dollars.

The fourth aspect to consider for your electric griddle is the durability. One characteristic to check for when determining the durability of your electric griddle is what material i is made of. One of the best materials for electric griddles is stainless steel. Although stainless steel often makes the price raise, stainless steel provides for a more durable electric griddle. In addition, stainless steel allows for easier cleaning.

Best twenty-two inch griddles

One of the best twenty-two inch electric griddles can be purchased on Amazon. This electric griddle is called the Presto 07061 22 inch Electric Griddle. The griddle comes with removable handles, is made from both plastic and metal, has a premium nonstick surface which allows for cooking food without it sticking to the griddle as well as easy cleaning. This Presto electric griddle can be purchased for only fifty dollars.

Another great option for a twenty-two inch griddle is the Crux Extra Large Electric Griddle. This electric griddle can be purchased at Macy’s. The Crux griddle has a 1650 watt surface for heating. This griddle is only nine pounds and has a ceramic cooking surface. This large electric griddle is a little pricier than the previous option, as it can be purchased for seventy dollars.

The third option for a wonderful large electric griddle is the Vevor 3000W 22″ Commercial Electric Countertop Griddle Flat Top Grill Hot Plate BBQ. This countertop griddle can be purchased on the Vevor website for one hundred twenty-one dollars. Although this griddle can be considered expensive, it comes with many benefits. For example, the griddle comes with splash guards to protect the surrounding environment from hot splashes and stains, it provides even heating, and it allows for quick and easy cleaning.

Best twenty four inch griddles

The Caynel 24″ Non-Stick Electric Griddle is a great option for a price-efficient griddle. This griddle provides three hundred square inches of surface, allowing for evenly heated food. The Caynel griddle can be purchased on the Wayfair website for only seventy-two dollars. This non-stick griddle is perfect if you need a less expensive, large griddle for your group.

The AplusBuy 2500W 24″ Commercial Electric Countertop Griddle is another option that is sure to satisfy your needs. This griddle can be purchased at Sears for only two hundred and fifty-six dollars. It is a stainless steel griddle that provides splash protection, even heating, and will stop heating when it is above the set temperature.

One of the best twenty four inch electric griddles on the market is the Avantco EG24N Electric Countertop Griddle. This griddle can be purchased from the Webstaurant Store for three hundred fifty dollars. The Avantco griddle provides safety features that not many other griddles offer, such as overheat protection and heating indicator lights. In addition, this griddle is stainless steel and heats the food evenly and quickly.

Best thirty inch griddles

When purchasing such a large griddle, one to highly consider would be the Avantco EG30N 30″ Electric Countertop Griddle. This stainless steel electric griddle can be purchased on the Webstaurant website for four hundred and twenty dollars. This is a durable griddle and can evenly heat your food. This griddle comes with three independently controlled burners, overheat protection, and heating indicator lights.

Another option for a thirty-inch griddle would be the Adcraft GRID-30 30″ Electric Griddle. This griddle can provide 3380-4500 watts. This is a very powerful electric griddle. In addition, it is stainless steel and allows for easy cleaning. The Adcraft griddle can be purchased from Restaurant Supply for only four hundred and forty-four dollars. Compared to its retail price of twelve hundred dollars, this is a great option when purchasing an electric griddle!

The third option for a thirty-inch griddle is the Vevor 30″ Electric Countertop Flat Top Griddle 110V 4400W Non-Stick Grill. This can be purchased from Walmart for two hundred and fifty dollars. This griddle is easy to use and easy to clean. This griddle provides protection such as splash guards and is user friendly.

Best thirty six inch griddles

The best option for a thirty-six inch electric griddle is the Cecilware Pro EL1636 36″ Electric Griddle w/ Thermostatic Controls – 1/2″ Steel Plate, 240v/1ph. This griddle has a protective light that shines when it is turned on, as a way to prevent users from getting any burns. In addition, it has splash guards as a way to protect anything and anyone around the griddle. This stainless steel griddle can be purchased from Restaurant Supply for eight hundred and eighty-six dollars.

Helpful chart of the best griddles

Below is a helpful chart that can help you to easily determine which electric griddle will be best for you. For smaller groups, you may want to consider the twenty-two inch electric griddles. For medium-sized groups, consider the twenty-four inch electric griddles. For large-sized groups, consider the thirty-inch electric griddles.

The chart below will tell you the name of the electric griddle you may be purchasing, the size of it, the price of it, which store it can be purchased at, and the positive comments about each of the electric griddles.

Name of the electric griddleSizePriceWhere it can be purchasedComments about the electric griddle
Presto 07061 22 inch Electric GriddleTwenty two inchesForty nine dollars and ninety nine centsAmazon websiteRemoveable handles, made from plastic and metal, nonstick surface, and quick and easy cleaning
Crux Extra Large Electric GriddleTwenty two inchesSeventy four dollars and ninety nine centsMacy’s websiteCeramic, nine pounds
Vevor 3000W 22″ Commercial Electric Countertop Griddle Flat Top Grill Hot Plate BBQTwenty two inchesOne hundred twenty dollars and ninety nine centsVevor websiteSplash guards, quick and easy cleaning, and heats food evenly
Caynel 24″ Non Stick Electric GriddleTwenty four inchesSeventy one dollars and ninety nine centsWayfair websiteNon stick, less expensive, and heats food evenly
AplusBuy 2500W 24″ Commercial Electric Countertop GriddleTwenty four inchesTwo hundred fifty five dollars and ninety centsSears websiteStainless steal, protects against splashing, will stop heating when above the set temperature, and heats food evenly
Avantco EG24N Electric Countertop GriddleTwenty four inchesThree hundred forty nine dollars and ninety nine centsWebstaurant Store websiteOverheat protection, heating indicator lights, stainless steal, and heats food evenly
Avantco EG30N 30″ Electric Countertop GriddleThirty inchesFour hundred nineteen dollars and ninety nine centsWebstaurant Store websiteStainless steal, durable, overheat protection, heating indicator lights, and independently controlled burners
Adcraft GRID-30 30″ Electric GriddleThirty inchesFour hundred forty three dollars and ninety eight centsKatom Restaurant Supply websitePowerful, easy to clean, and stainless steal
Vevor 30″ Electric Countertop Flat Top Griddle 110V 4400W Non-Stick GrillThirty inchesTwo hundred forty nine dollars and ninety nine centsWalmart websiteEasy to use, easy to clean, provides splash guards, non stick, and user friendly
Cecilware Pro EL1636 36″ Electric Griddle w/ Thermostatic Controls – 1/2″ Steel Plate, 240v/1phThirty six inchesEight hundred and eighty six dollars and one centKatom Restaurant Supply websiteProtective light to alert when it is in use, splash guards, and stainless steal
Helpful chart to determine which electric griddle will be best for your group

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