Will the Caterer Include Plates and Utensils?

While planning an event, it is important to have all the details together and organize so everything is in order for the event. When having a caterer, it is necessary to ask specific questions about what will be included in the costs.

Catering services often provide the plates and utensils needed for an event they will be catering to. While catering services provide disposable dinnerware options, many have the option of non-disposable dinnerware for more special occasions. Upgrading your dinnerware option often costs slightly more.

Though caterers often include utensils and plates as a part of the overall costs, they are not necessarily the ones you want. Before you set the caterer, ask them if they have the kind of utensils and plates you would like.

The Average Utensils Used for Catering

It is common for caterers to provide utensils and plates when they are catering to an event. The average utensils they will bring might include the following: wine glasses, water glasses, napkins, straws, the necessary eating utensils, and pitchers.

Depending on the catering company, they will use different types of utensils and plates. Two examples are disposable and fancy dinnerware.

Disposable Dinnerware

Disposable dinnerware is often provided by catering businesses because it is easy to clean up and generally costs less than having uniform fancy dishes. If you are planning an event that is fancier, you might not want to have disposable dinnerware. In a more casual event setting, having disposable plates and utensils allows for an easier clean-up.

A child’s party or a casual family reunion is a great example of where you can have your caterer use disposable dishware. This helps with an easy clean up for the caterer and results in a cheaper price for you.

Fancy Dinnerware

Fancy dinnerware is more important to diverse people in large events, such as a wedding or fancy dinner. For a wedding, people often want everything to be memorable and look professional.

Caterers, however, do not necessarily include fancy dinnerware in the total costs. Oftentimes, caterers will use disposable plates for easy cleanup, however, if you would like fancy dinnerware, it is best to ask the caterer, themself because not all caterers work the same way.

Utensils and plates can be made to appear the same now, so either of these options can work for a catering event.

Utensils and Plates for Specific Events

Diverse events are very different when it comes to catering. It could be the difference between something casual and something very fancy. When you have a caterer, ask them what they plan to include in costs.

Wedding Caterers

Weddings are a very specific time when you want the catering to be exactly what you want it to be. In diverse packages offered, catering may include either disposable plates or fancy ones. The engaged couple must decide on the general aesthetic they are going for on their special day.

It is very important to speak with the caterer about what kind of plates and utensils they are planning on using on your special day. Nothing should bother you, whether it be the decorations or the silverware. It is your special day, and nothing should distract you from that.

When my older sisters got married, our family used the same catering service both times. We made sure to ask the caterer if they included plates and utensils in the costs, and found out that they did. Our family was alright with having disposable tableware because it matched the general aesthetic we were going for.

Going in to meet your caterer with an idea in mind of what you would like is the best thing you can do. Letting them know what your expectations are is a great way to know you will have nothing to worry about on the big day.

Caterers for a Corporal Event

Depending on how fancy the event will be, different types of plates and utensils will be more appropriate. If the event is of a similar esthetic to that of a wedding, you might want to use nicer utensils. Again, it is important to do some research about the catering company you are planning on using.

Talk to your caterer about what you want the event to be like, and they will be able to come up with a way to fit your needs and your budget.

Food the Caterer Serves Affects the Type of Utensils and Plates

The food you are planning on serving will affect what type of plates and utensils you will need. If you are planning on having finger foods, you will not need utensils, but you will most likely need plates.

Having a full course meal, on the other hand, will change the utensils you need and might even change the type of plates you need. Your caterer will be able to help you decide on what is best for the event.

Whether the event is on a smaller or larger scale, it is necessary to have good communication with your caterer to ensure everything will meet your expectations.

Asking the Caterer About Plates, Utensils, etc.

Caterers are all different and have different ways they accomplish the same goal. The event you are hosting is specific to you, though, so they need to know what you expect out of the whole experience.

There are a few key questions you should ask your caterer while you are setting up food for the event. You want to know things like what their signature dish is. Having this at your event can make your event that much better.

Another good question for your caterer is what they can do for people with dietary restrictions. You do not want someone to come to the event unable to partake in the amazing food. Ask your caterer about specific allergies so they can prepare adequately beforehand.

It is also very important to ask if they are licensed with health permits. Though everything may seem amazing, it is good to make sure they are up to date on their permits so everything is legal. This also helps you make sure the food you will be eating does not make everyone sick.

Though caterers normally will provide plates and utensils for an event, it is never a bad idea to ask them to make sure. Can you imagine your caterer showing up on the day of the event without plates for people to eat off of? Asking a caterer what they provide as part of their services is one of the most important things you can do in regards to planning an event. It is also important to follow up this questions with kinds of plates and utensils they plan on using.

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