Renting Large Griddle Cooking Trailers:Where to find them?

Whatever your needs may be, finding the equipment to prepare, cook for, and serve large groups can be difficult, especially when it comes to griddles.

The best place to find large griddle cooking trailers is an event planning rental website or utility home and business rental website or store. Pricing for rented griddle trailers averages out to roughly 175 dollars but also varies depending on the rental time period and size of the griddle.

Although there are a lot of variables when it comes to picking a griddle to rent, we’ve got you covered.

Types of Griddles

Most griddles that are catered towards cooking for large groups are propane based. Propane griddles are best for this since gas cooking offers the most control over the temperature in short periods of time.

Most of the variance in griddle types comes in the material and the size.

Iron, stainless steel, and cast iron are all griddle materials with stainless steel being the most common. When it comes to large groups, we would suggest looking for a stainless steel topped griddle.

Although cast iron distributes heat better and, if seasoned well, can enhance flavor, it is often difficult to clean and transport.

Cast iron and iron griddles often weigh a lot more than stainless steel griddles which makes them significantly more difficult to move.

Furthermore, since cast iron griddles are difficult to clean, it does not make them the best rental option.

when searching for a griddle to use for cooking for a large group, keep in mind helpful features such as grease catchers, propane size, and whether the tabletop is slightly slanted for flat.

Large griddles typically range from 1×3′ to 2×6′ in size. Obviously, the size of the griddle determines the amount of food that can be cooked at once, but it also changes the amount of propane needed and also affects the price to rent.

Size recommendations

Now that you have got griddle type down, it is time to pick a size.

As mentioned above, the sizes of large griddles can get as big as double. So the question is, how do you know which is right for what kind of crowd?

When cooking for crowds, and when griddle size is in question, a good rule of thumb is to increase griddle size by one foot for every 50 people.

If you exceed the max griddle size using this rule of thumb, we really suggest that you consider catering as it can be a cheaper option.

If you are having a difficult time doing the conversion, down below is a sizing chart recommendation for guests served and griddle size that may be helpful in answering all of your griddle size questions.

People:Griddle Size:
1001×3 feet
1501×4 feet
2002×4 feet
2502×5 feet


Pricing, as with everything, changes depending on both the size of the griddle and also for how long it is being rented out.

According to AV party rentals, the price for 4-8 hours use of a 3ft griddle is 90 dollars. A 4.5ft griddle is $120 and a 6 ft griddle is $160. This option is, nonetheless, relatively inexpensive and is easy to move.

This website also gives a general feel for pricing when it comes to increases in size. For this particular option, propane is also included.

Other higher-end options range from 200-260 dollars for average griddles depending on the quality of the griddle.

When picking a griddle based on price also consider other factors that may add to the overall price.

There are often extra or additional charges for propane, transportation, damages fees, etc.

Where to rent

Where to rent a griddle changes depending on where you are, but here are some excellent websites that will give you an idea of what is out there.

These websites will also help you understand and get a handle on griddle options as well as pricing for each.

Pasco Rentals is a general home and business rental website. They sell everything from automotive repair tools to catering equipment.

We would suggest this, or a place like it, for more rustic events. If you are hosting a large company retreat in the woods or a boy scouting event, this company would fit best in quality and price.

Encore Events Rental focuses more on high end parties such as weddings. They offer several griddles that look classy and are in good condition as well as anything else one could need to make a special occasion, well special.

These griddles are more expensive but have a nicer and more refined look in order to blend in better with whatever classy environment they are placed in.

AV rentals are a happy medium between Encore and Pasco. Although they are geared more towards parties than campouts, their prices are a little more reasonable.

These griddles may be slightly more rustic than that at the encore, but produce similar if not the same results.

Transportation options

Now this is the part you are probably most curious about. You have gone through the whole process of understanding which griddle type to pick, the size, price, and where to get it. How in the world are you going to move the darn thing?

You have some options.

Company Transportation

Depending on the place that you rent from, they may have options to deliver the griddle to you.

This is what we would recommend as the most efficient way to transport your rented griddle.

This system limits the opportunity for you as the renter to cause any damage to the griddle as you are moving it.

Having the company move the griddle also saves you time. However, what it does not save you is money.

For most companies that offer delivery, it often comes with a delivery fee that once again depends on how long you are renting the griddle, the size of the griddle, and can also include a difference based on the location it is being delivered to.

Although price increasing is never fun, it is almost always worth it to take this service. Unless you own a trailer.

Personal Trailer

If you have a flat bed trailer with a hitch, then moving a large griddle is not terribly difficult.

Unfortunately, most places that rent large griddles do not accompany them with trailers of there own. If there is a “trailer” option listed it typically is referring to the fact that the griddle has wheels.

These wheeled griddles are preferable when it comes to transporting it on your own. It makes it easier to load onto the back, strap down and then load again.

If you are transporting it yourself and the company charges you hourly then we would suggest talking to them prior to see if they accommodate for travel time.

What not to do

What we would not suggest is attempting to put the griddle in the back of any car that is not a truck. Not that we have anything against minivans; it’s truly and simply for your own good.

In order to avoid damage costs, to both the griddle and your car, we would suggest using one of the other methods. If you do not have a trailer we would suggest borrowing or renting one.

Also, avoid at all costs disassembling the griddle. This often results in the griddle not functioning once reassembled and some hefty charges from the company upon return.

After all these considerations you are now fully prepared to pick, pay for, and transport any large griddle of your choice. Have fun with your event and happy griddle cooking!


Being part of a really big family, cooking for big groups of people is just how we do things. Cooking, baking, and outdoor cooking have all been huge parts of my life, and I love sharing what I've learned with you.

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