How to Cook Hot Dogs in Bulk for a Crowd: 17 clever tips!

Cooking hot dogs for a large crowd can oftentimes be stressful and overwhelming. However, with these seventeen clever tips, you will be able to cook them in no time.

To cook hotdogs in bulk for a crowd, one can boil, microwave, grill, oven roast, fry, steam, slow cook, skillet, fire roast, air fry, griddle, broil, use a solar oven, or use a stove to cook the hotdogs. In addition using warming trays, feeding children first, and having others help aid is essential.

Below is a detailed description on how to do each of the methods listed above.


Boiling your hotdogs is one of the easiest ways to cook your hot dogs for a crowd.

To boil your hotdogs, simply place a pot of water on the stove. Turn the heat on high and allow your water to come to a rapid boil. Once your water is rapidly boiling, place the hotdogs into the pot.

Depending on how you like your hotdogs cooked, allow them to simmer. It is important to remember that hotdogs are already precooked, so you do not want to let them boil for too long, as this ran result in the hotdog becoming rubbery. Typically, boiling four or five minutes is the ideal time as this will allow for a soft and moist hotdog.

After your hotdogs have been cooked to your preference, remove them from the boiling water and transfer them to a paper towel. This will dry off the hotdogs so they will be ready to be served.


Microwaving your hotdogs is a very convenient way to cook them, especially for a large group of guests. Microwaving them saves both time and energy, and there are three ways that you can microwave your hotdogs.

The first way you can microwave your hotdog is by wrapping each hotdog individually in a paper towel. After the hotdog is wrapped, place he hotdogs onto a microwave safe plate and microwave them for forty to fifty seconds.

The second way you can do this is by placing the hotdogs onto a microwave safe plate and then simply placing the paper towel atop the hotdogs. As with the previous method, allow the hotdogs to microwave for forty to fifty seconds.

The third method when it comes to microwaving is placing the hotdogs within a microwave save bowl. Fill the bowl up with water and place a paper towel over the bowl. Microwave the hotdogs for about three minutes then transfer them to a paper towel to dry. By microwaving the hotdogs in the water, it will have the same effect as boiling them, however without the time and hassle of setting a pot of water to boil


Grilling your hotdogs is oftentimes considered the best way to cook your hotdogs.

To begin grilling, you must first heat up the grill. In order to maximize your time, begin preparing the buns with condiments while the grill is heating up.

Once the grill is heated, place the hotdogs diagonally onto the grill. Placing them diagonally will create the perfect, smoky lines. Once they have been placed on the grill, cook one side for one to two minutes. After this time is up, flip them and allow them to cook for another one to two minutes.

After this time allotment, if they do not yet have a deep red or brown color, turn the heat up on the grill and cook them until they achieve this color.

Oven roasting

Oven roasting your hotdogs is another great option for cooking for a crowd. Oven roasting is very convenient with groups of people as there is little preparation needed and is very time efficient. For example, while the oven is preheating, you can prepare the buns with condiments so they are all ready for the hotdogs. In addition, while the hotdogs are cooking in the oven, you can spend as much time as possible with all of your guests.

To begin oven roasting, pre heat the oven the oven to four hundred degrees. While the oven is preheating, slice the hotdogs lengthwise down the middle. However be careful to not cut all the way through the hotdogs.

Place the sliced hotdogs onto a tray and place them in the oven. Set the timer for fifteen minutes and simply let them cook. During this time is the perfect opportunity to socialize with your guests!

After the fifteen minutes is finished, take them out of the oven and allow the hotdogs to cool. By oven roasting your hotdogs, they will be similar to grilled hotdogs, however without the hassle of using a grill.


When your cooking method of choice is frying your hotdogs, the most ideal way to do this is cutting the hotdogs into pieces. When cut into multiple pieces, the hotdogs will get crispier and therefore will be enjoyed more.

To begin frying your hotdogs, first place oil in a pan. Place this pan on a stove and turn the heat up to medium. Give the oil enough time to allow it to warm up.

After the oil has heated up, place the cut up hotdogs into the pan. Once the bottom is brown and crispy, flip the hotdogs so the other side can be fried as well.

Once the hotdogs are fried, transfer them to a paper towel. This will soak up the excess oil and allow them to cool. After this step, they are ready to be served!


If you happen to own a steamer, then this is the perfect option to cook your hotdogs! Place your hotdogs into the steamer and allow it to steam until the hotdogs are cooked to your liking. This is one of the simplest ways to cook your hotdogs as you get to let the steamer do all the work.

Slow cooker or crock pot

Coking hotdogs in a slow cooker or crock pot is a perfect option when needing them in bulk for a large crowd. One crock pot can hold about fifty hotdogs, which is why this is a great option for large gatherings!

When cooking your hotdogs in a slow cooker or crock pot, the ideal way to place the hotdogs is by setting them upright. If you are unable to do so, you will need to flip the hotdogs during the cooking process so they are heated evenly.

If the heat is on high, allow the hotdogs to cook for two hours. However if the heat is on low, allow the hotdogs to cook for four hours. Or you can simply cook them until the middle is hot.

Make sure as to not place water into the slow cooker or crock pot as this can result in the casing splitting. The hotdogs have enough moisture within them to use as steam in the slow cooker or crock pot.


The most simple way to cook your hotdog is by use of a skillet and a lid. Take a skillet and place one inch of water into the skillet. Then place the hotdogs into the skillet and put the skillet atop the stove. Place the lid onto the skillet and turn the heat on high. Allow the hotdogs to steam until they ae fully cooked.

Once the hotdogs are finished cooking, transfer them to a paper towel to soak up any excess water. Then they are ready to be served! This method of cooking your hotdogs is so simple, anyone can do it.


Cooking hotdogs by the campfire is arguably the most fun way to cook your hotdogs. When you are cooking your hotdogs by the campfire, you get to be worry and stress free. You get to truly enjoy the moment as you are spending time bonding with those around you. In addition it is a very quick way to cook your hotdogs, and everyone is able to cook their own.

All you have to do is provide the hotdogs, the buns, and the condiments. Them you get to sit back, relax, and let everyone around you cook their hotdogs to their liking!

Air fryer

Cooking your hotdogs in an air fryer is a great way to get the outcome of a regularly fried hotdog, without having to use so much oil. The air fryer is a healthier alternative and gives you more free time to socialize with your guests, as you can allow the air fryer to do the majority of the work.

To use an air fryer to cook your hotdogs, heat the air fryer to four hundred degrees. Place the hotdogs into the air fryer and allow them to cook for five minutes.

If you feel you have extra time, once the hotdogs are fully cooked, place them into the bun and place the hotdog and bun inside the air fryer for another minute. This will allow for a perfectly cooked hotdog, and a toasty bun.


To cook your hotdogs on the griddle, first place oil onto the griddle. Allow the oil to cover the hotdog as you cook it until it is crispy.

Using a large griddle is essential when you need to cook a bulk of hotdogs for a large crowd. Although you can cook many hotdogs at one time, this will be much easier to do with a large griddle.


Broiling your hotdogs will give them a nice, smoky flavor. To accomplish this, place the oven on the setting for broil. Once the oven is heated, place the hotdogs on a sheet inside of the oven.

Keep the door of the oven slightly open while broiling and allow the hotdogs to broil for about five minutes. Flipping the hotdogs is not required, however doing so ensures it is cooked evenly.

Solar oven

Using a solar oven to cook your hotdogs can be a very fun option, especially when there are kids at your gathering.

To cook the hotdogs by using a solar oven, it needs to be a hot summer day. When cooking your hotdogs by use of the sun is not dangerous as hotdogs are already precooked. When using the sun, you just have to wait until the hotdog is warm.

Simply place as many hotdogs as needed onto a tray and place this tray outside. Allow the sun to warm the hotdogs. If this method is taking longer than wanted, slice the hotdogs open lengthwise to allow for the sun to heat up the middle quicker.


When in a time crunch, cooking the hotdogs on the stove is oftentimes essential. Although using a pan is usually recommended, it is possible to cook your hotdogs directly on the stove burners.

To do so, place the hotdogs atop the burners until it is fully cooked. Make sure to flip the hotdog while cooking to ensure it is heated evenly. Allow the hotdogs to cook on the stove until they are fully heated.

Use warming trays

Using warming trays is very beneficial when it comes to cooking your hotdogs in bulk. You can prepare as many hotdogs as you need at one time, and then you can place them in a tray to keep them warm. Hotdogs are already precooked so you do not need to worry about safety as they sit out for a short period of time, however the warming trays will ensure they stay warm to keep the flavor.

When using warming trays as a way to keep your hotdogs warm, consider using a warming tray made of aluminum foil. The aluminum foil act as an insulator and will trap the heat.

Feed kids first

When feeding a large group, there is bound to be many kids. In addition, hotdogs are a very popular food amongst children. Children are oftentimes very demanding and very impatient. If they are not fed right away, they may start to complain and get fussy.

In order to prevent such outbursts, feed the kids first. This will allow for a much calmer and more relaxed atmosphere. Although the adults will have to wait a little longer to get fed, they will be grateful that all of the kids are happy and satisfied.

Have people help you

Having people to help you cook hotdogs can be very beneficial. The more people there are, the quicker the hot dogs will be cooked. This is extremely helpful when you are trying to cook your hotdogs in bulk.

For example if you are grilling the hotdogs, have multiple people working the grill. This will allow for more hotdogs to be cooked at one time as each person can cook multiple hotdogs.

In addition, have multiple people preparing the hotdogs, with items such as buns and condiments. If there are multiple people cooking the hotdogs and multiple people preparing the hotdogs, then they will be ready to eat in no time!


Being part of a really big family, cooking for big groups of people is just how we do things. Cooking, baking, and outdoor cooking have all been huge parts of my life, and I love sharing what I've learned with you.

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