How Much Pancake Mix to Get for a Crowd (A Helpful Chart)

Box of Krusteaz light & fluffy buttermilk complete pancake mix.

Pancakes are all fun and games until it is time to actually make them. With the measurements of the mix and worrying about making enough, we know that making pancakes can be quite stressful, especially for a crowd.

The average pancake is 4-inches in diameter and the serving size is four pancakes per person.  When making pancakes for a crowd, it is important to make extra pancakes. It is also critical to know how many are planning to attend to have the correct measurements.

If you are still stressed, do not worry. We have done the math for you, so you do not have to! Keep reading to find a helpful chart and also to learn everything you need to know about making pancakes for a crowd.

How Much Pancake Mix Do You Really Need?

When making pancakes, you need to know how many people are planning to eat. The average pancake is 4-inches in diameter and the serving size is four pancakes of 4-inch sized pancakes per person. But how much mix does that require?

Do not fear. We have done the math for you. There are many different brands of pancake mixes, and each brand has its own measurements for its pancakes. The three brands we have broken down in this post are Krusteaz, Hungry Jack, and Bisquick.

Side note: At the beginning of each table, there is the breakdown for making pancakes for one person, so if the measurements do not meet exactly what you are needing, you know much much to do per person.

Krusteaz Measurements

Krusteaz sells their mix in different amounts. They sell their mix in a 32-oz box and also a 10 lb bag.

The 32-oz bag will make 30 4-inch pancakes, while the 10 lb bag will make 150 4-inch pancakes.

The chart below will say how many 32-oz boxes of mix you will need for the number of people you are cooking for. It also mentions the 10 lb bag for the last two rows.

Number of People# of Pancakes Needed Mix (cups)Water (cups)# Boxes of Mix
104053 1/32
2080106 2/33
3012015104 OR 1 10 lb bag
401602013 1/36 OR 1 10 lb bag + 1 box

Hungry Jack

For Hungry Jack, they offer a variety of sizes as well, but for the sake of this chart, we will look at the 32 oz box. One box of a 32-oz box of Hungry Jack pancake mix will make 51 4-inch pancakes.

Number of People# of Pancakes NeededMix (cups)Milk (cups)Oil (cups)Eggs# Boxes of Mix
141/2 1/3*1 Tbps1/2 1
104042 2/31/241
2080106 2/31 1/4102
3012015101 3/4 + 2 Tbps153
401602013 1/32 1/2204
Hungry Jack


Bisquick sells a variety of sizes of their mixes. They have a range from 20 oz to 96 oz and all sizes in between. For the chart below, we will look at a 40-oz box that makes 84 pancakes.

Number of People# of Pancakes NeededMix (cups)Water (cups)# Boxes of Mix
104053 1/31
2080106 2/31
401602013 1/32

Each pancake mix is different. They use different ingredients and different measurements. When you are planning your pancake meal for a large group, it’s best to think ahead and do the math before you start cooking.

It will save you time and stress in the long run.

Make sure that you pay attention to the brand you are using. If you are using a brand that is different than these, the number of boxes and water you need may be different!

How to Make the Pancakes Stretch

Pancake mix in red bowl with Krusteaz pancake box in background.
Pancake mix in red bowl with Krusteaz pancake box in background.

Making pancakes is no easy task. It is time-consuming, messy, and could go down burning if you are not careful. So, when someone reaches out and asks if they can come to your breakfast meal and you have not made enough pancakes for them, it can be stressful.

Luckily, there are ways to make your amount of pancakes stretch.

  • Add ingredients to the pancakes
  • Serve sides
  • Have beverages
  • Toppings for the pancakes
  • Serve them yourself

Add Ingredients to the Pancakes

This tip will only work if you have not made the pancakes yet.

Adding things such as blueberries, chocolate chips, bananas, or anything else you can think of, will help make the pancakes more filling.

The more filling the pancakes are, the less amount people will eat.

Serve Sides

Having side dishes with your pancakes will make the meal even more fun, and it will help fill up your guests! With sides, your guests will grab a little bit of everything, which will fill them up faster. Therefore, they are eating fewer pancakes, which will share the amount with others.

You can serve anything you can think of when it comes to breakfast foods. Here are a few examples.

  • Sausage
  • Eggs
  • Bacon
  • Hashbrowns
  • Biscuits
  • Muffins
  • Fruit


One of the advantages of having a breakfast meal is that there are so many delicious drinks you can have with your pancakes. Some drinks are heavier than others, which can fill up your guests, especially if they have more than one cup.

Here are some examples:

  • Coffee
  • Hot chocolate (paired with whipped cream, which makes it more filling)
  • Orange juice
  • Apple juice
  • Chocolate milk
  • Milk


If you have already made the pancakes and someone who you did not account for shows up, this trick is for you.

You do not have to make any more pancakes. All you have to do is find some toppings to put on the pancakes that will fill up your guests.

  • Whipped cream: This is delicious on pancakes and will help fill up your guests!
  • Peanut butter: Not only is it delicious, but it is also full of protein.
  • Jelly/Preserves
  • Fruit
  • Chocolate Chips

Setting out toppings with your pancakes will allow your guests to create a delicious breakfast, while also filling them up.

Serve Your Guests Yourself

One way to control how many pancakes are eaten is to serve your guests yourself.

You can either set the table and place the pancakes on the plates or you can do it buffet style, where everyone walks through with their plates and you give them the allotted amount so everyone can have pancakes.

By serving your guests, you can serve the proper amount so everyone will be able to eat the pancakes you have made.

We hope this post has been helpful and that you will have a delicious breakfast with your family and friends!

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