How Many Cans of Green Beans to Feed 150? (Green Bean Calculator)

Can of green beans being opened by a can opener on a table.
Can of green beans being opened by a can opener on a table.

Calculating how much food to make for a group of people is a great way to stress yourself out. However, you don’t have to be stuck guessing in the dark! Calculating serving size, servings per container, and asking professionals about how much people actually eat can make the job a lot simpler, and keep those you are feeding a lot happier.

To provide green beans for a group of 150 people, a person would need 43 cans of beans that have 3.5 servings per container. This would be enough for each person to have one serving. If you are providing more than one serving per person, the number of cans may increase.

Factors to consider when planning to feed green beans to a large group of people include the brand (which can affect the cost), serving size, servings per container, and how many servings you are planning to provide per person. Keep reading to find out more about details:


Here we have provided a chart that will help you know just how many cans of green beans you need based on serving size and servings per container:

Popular BrandsServing Size Servings Per ContainerCans for 150 people (1 serving per person)
Cut Green Beans, Del Monte1/2 c3.5 43
Cut Green Beans, Krasdale1/2 c3.543
Cut Green Beans, Libby’s1/2 c3.543
Cut Green Beans, Green Giant1/2 c3.543

Why Green Beans?

Green beans are a great option for catering weddings, family gatherings, parties, or business dinners! The nutritional value and simple preparation make them a perfect side to whatever you plan on serving as your main course. Whatever the occasion, you have picked the right side to serve with your meal!

Canned green beans are one of the simplest dishes to prepare. After removing the lid, they can be drained and warmed, or sauteed in a pan. There is no snapping or cutting the beans involved. This saves time and makes using canned green beans much easier to work with compared to other vegetables that require more preparation.

Green beans are also an adaptable dish. Whether you want to serve them plain or add a touch of bacon or mushrooms, you can create a dish that is personalized and delicious. Adding your own touch can turn something that is easy to prepare into a fancy dish that is sure to be a big hit.

As well as being adaptable, this side is healthy! Green beans are a great source of fiber, and they are both cholesterol-free and fat-free. They are high in vitamin K, which helps regulate blood calcium levels. They are fairly low in calories (with about 15 calories in one serving of drained beans) yet account for part of the required amount of vegetables a day. An adult should consume anywhere between 1 and 3 cups of vegetables a day, depending on their activity level.

Del Monte

Del Monte brand is one of the most popular brands of green beans and one of the most well-known brands, standing for quality, freshness, and reliability. Del Monte was the first major US food processor to add nutritional labeling to their products, helping make it easier for times like this when you are planning to feed a big crowd. This brand of green beans will not disappoint.

For Del Monte green beans, one serving size is 1/2 a cup of green beans. In a 14.5 oz can, there are approximately 3.5 servings. For one serving per person, this would require about 43 cans. At Walmart, this brand of green beans costs about $1.18 per can or $5.70 for a pack of 6 cans. 43 cans of Del Monte green beans would cost about $50.74 for individual cans and $45.60 for 8 packs of 6 cans.


Krasdale, established in 1908, is a leading food packing company and distributor which distributes food to New York City and other areas. Krasdale is a family-owned business and was one of the first businesses recruited to the Hunts Point Food Distribution Center. It is a company known for distributing vegetables and other foods.

The green beans they use are typically softer but are great for feeding large crowds and are easy to prepare. Just like Del Monte, a serving size is 1/2 c from a 14.5 oz can of green beans. A group of 150 people would also require about 43 cans of beans.

These beans can be purchased for $1.09, making them 9 cents cheaper than the Del Monte brand. For 43 cans of green beans, this would cost about $46.87. However, this brand of beans may be more difficult to find in local grocery stores. If this option is the one for you, you may have to check online or search stores near you. Shipping costs may make it a bit more expensive as well.


Libby’s green beans are a favorite of many and one of the most popular brands of canned green beans. They are known for their fresh taste (they don’t taste too much like a can) and their more crunchy texture. The Libby’s brand is most well-known for their pumpkin, but they do a great job with their green beans too.

These products are accessible and can be found worldwide. The business began as a meat packaging company but expanded its products for everyone to enjoy. They have had over 150 years of experience in the canning industry.

Bowl of green beans on table.

The serving size is the same in a can of Libby’s green beans at 1/2 c. There are 3.5 servings in a 14.5 oz can, requiring 43 cans of beans to feed 150 people. A single can of Libby’s green beans costs $3.17, or $5.88 for a pack of 6 cans. This would cost approximately $136.31 for 43 single cans, or $47.04 for 8 packs of 6.

Green Giant

Green Giant is known for its US-grown vegetables. They do their best to harvest at the perfect time so that the vegetables on your table are as fresh as they can be. Green Giant knows the benefits of canned vegetables, including cost-effectiveness, convenience, and nutrition. They also know that canning vegetables can help reduce waste from uncanned vegetables.

Green Giant offers several styles of green beans, including cut green beans salted, unsalted, with 50% less sodium, french style, kitchen sliced, and green beans in a vegetable mix. They are the experts when it comes to feeding canned veggies to your family and friends.

Just like the other popular brands, the serving size is 1/2 c of green beans, with 3.5 servings per 14.5 oz container. Green Giant cut green beans cost $1.79 for an individual can and $18.88 for a pack of 12 cans. For 43 cans it would cost you $76.97 for individual cans, and $75.52 for 4 packs of 12 cans.

Other Factors

When preparing to feed a group of 150 people or more, it is important to consider other factors, such as servings per person (maybe your party loves green beans!), how you are going to prepare the beans (drained or undrained), whether or not you want leftovers, and the size of the can you want to buy. There are usually larger can options if you want them, meaning you can pay for fewer individual cans in favor of a few larger ones.

According to Whitney Fredin Catering and Events, who serves out of Boise and Meridian, Idaho, at a typical catering event, they plan for one serving per person. However, if you are planning to serve seconds or want to be on the safe side, it may be better to plan for a few extra cans!

2 servings per person: 86 cans of green beans

The serving size of green beans may also change depending on whether or not the green beans are drained. When containing liquid, the serving size is 1/2 a cup. After the liquid is drained, one serving size of green beans is about 1/3 cup. While the amount of green beans ends up being about the same, it does alter the serving size slightly, according to the Food and Drug Administration.

One way to save money (and also time) is to buy your green beans in a larger-sized can. 28 oz cans of green beans can be purchased at Walmart, Amazon, or Albertsons, and contain approximately 7 servings. This would lower your total number of cans to 22. At Walmart, the cost of 28 oz of green beans costs $2.14.

Flavoring Ideas and Recipes

If you know you want to serve green beans at your event but are unsure of how to prepare them, let’s take a look at some different ideas for your green beans.

Depending on your guest list, it may make a difference in the way you season and flavor your beans. If many children are present, you might pick a flavor that most kids like, such as garlic butter or bacon. If you are serving a more mature group, beans and mushrooms may add a nice savory flavor to your plate.

Ideas for flavoring your green beans include salt, pepper, and butter, bacon bits, mushrooms, cheese, lemon glaze, garlic butter, and other seasonings.

An overflowing bowl of green beans on a table.
An overflowing bowl of green beans on a table.

It is important to note that depending on what you add to your green beans, the serving size may change. Adding sauce, cremes, bacon, other vegetables, or onions can decrease the serving size of green beans that you need to serve.

This means that you may need to purchase fewer cans of beans and purchase some other ingredients. Fewer cans of beans can leave room for other ingredients in your dish. Or, if you don’t purchase fewer cans, you might be preparing for when the guests at your event are coming back for more.

Let’s take a look at an easy recipe that you can make at your next event!

Bacon Green Beans

Servings: 8

Prep time: 5 minutes

Cooking time: 8 minutes

Calories: 300 kcal

With this canned green bean recipe, you can transform your bland and boring green beans so they taste deliciously homemade.


  • 2 (14.5 oz) cans of green beans
  • 4 slices of bacon (cut into small strips)
  • 2 Tablespoons butter
  • 1 teaspoon onion powder
  • 1 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon pepper


  • Cook bacon in the microwave (or oven) as directed on the package. Drain any excess grease. Cut into strips and set aside.
  • Drain half the liquid from both cans of green beans.
  • In a large skillet, add the green beans and the remaining half of the canned liquid.
  • Add the bacon, butter, onion powder, garlic powder, salt, and pepper.
  • Cook on medium until the green beans start to simmer. Reduce heat to medium-low and allow the green beans to simmer (uncovered) until almost all of the liquid has evaporated. Stir occasionally. Takes about 5 minutes for the liquid to evaporate.
  • Serve and enjoy!

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Bacon green beans are a personal favorite of many green bean lovers and are a great way to satisfy the hunger cravings of many. This dish can be served to large groups of people, but also can be made for 1 or 2 people at home. After all, there are 3.5 servings in just one can! Whether on your lunch break or preparing a dish for your Thanksgiving table, this recipe is quick and easy.

Several batches of bacon green beans are sure to feed your group. Invite some helpers into the kitchen and it will be done in no time!

Garlic Green Beans


  • 1 tablespoon oil
  • 2 cans canned green beansOpens in a new tab. 
  • 3 garlic cloves (sliced into thin pieces)
  • Salt to taste


  • Drain and rinse the canned green beans thoroughly.
  • Add oil to a large pan over high heat. Once hot, add garlic. Saute for about 1 minute until fragrant.
  • Add canned green beans and cook for about 5 minutes, or until the green beans are cooked to desired tenderness.

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This recipe is a lot simpler than the other one and requires fewer ingredients. Cook time is quick, and in a few minutes, you have added another flavor to your beans.

This is a recipe that you may want to use all 43 cans of green beans for because there aren’t many other ingredients that need to be added. As you plan ahead, you may want to have heating trays ready, as well as a slow cooker. Using a buffet approach is also a great way to keep things accessible and ready to go!

If you are daring, you may even decide to serve two different types of green beans. However, never be afraid to add your own touch and get creative when cooking these dishes! Best of luck preparing your meal, and enjoy the green beans.

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