How Much Champagne Per Person?

Champagne is not only a fancy, bubbly drink, but it’s also becoming increasingly popular as a drink to be served at weddings or receptions. There are likely different ingredients, drawbacks, benefits, and details about champagne that you hadn’t previously heard or considered. The aim of this article is to educate you about champagne.

Dietitians recommend not exceeding two glasses of champagne a day as long as the glasses are filled to the standard four ounce champagne pour. Two glasses is also an average amount of champagne to serve to guests at a wedding.

While there is a standard amount of champagne that one can consume daily, there are exceptions and unique compromises to this general rule. Keep reading to discover what champagne is adding to your daily calorie count, how much champagne is okay, and why it matters.

How many ounces are in one standard glass of champagne?

A standard champagne glass will hold up to about six ounces if filled to the brim. However, since glasses are never filled all the way, one should fill a glass of champagne based off of the alcoholic standard called the four ounce champagne pour.

The four ounce champagne four is an unwritten rule for champagne pouring, which requires a champagne glass to generally be filled at least two thirds of the way full, or four ounces. Thus, a single standard glass of champagne contains four ounces. [source]Opens in a new tab.

How many glasses of champagne can I drink every day?

How many glasses of champagne a day is in the healthy range?

No more than two glasses of champagne should be consumed by a single individual in one day. Each normal glass of champagne will contain about four fluid ounces. This means that one should not drink more than eight ounces of champagne per day. [source]Opens in a new tab.

How to serve champagne to a large crowd

Server pouring champagne into a glass
Server pouring champagne into a glass

Servers at a wedding or large event have a stressful task to accomplish. To make it easier, let’s break it down into the most significant aspects of serving champagne and drinks.

How much champagne should each person be served for a wedding or reception?

The amount of champagne that each person should be served at a wedding or wedding reception is dependent on what the champagne is specifically being used for. Read on to understand the details that go into serving champagne to crowds.

How many glasses of champagne should I give each wedding guest?

It’s pretty standard to assume that each wedding guest will drink about one glass of champagne each. [source]Opens in a new tab. You definitely can have extra champagne to refill glasses for those who would like more, but you should not go around for refills more than once, as it is not recommended for someone to drink more than two glasses of champagne a day, as discussed above. [source]Opens in a new tab.

How much champagne should I give people for a toast?

A standard toast is usually half of a glass of champagne, or around three ounces. The point of a toast is for the drink to be finished relatively quickly, so the goal is to make sure you don’t overfill the glasses. A general rule of thumb for filling drinks for a toast is to under fill the glasses before you over fill them.

How many glasses of champagne should I get out of a bottle to minimize waste or excess drink?

When pouring champagne for a wedding, you should have a goal to get seven glasses out of each champagne bottle. In order to get the most bang for your buck, shoot for that seven glass marker when pouring champagne. [source]Opens in a new tab.

What to serve with champagne

Since champagne is considered such a classy drink, it’s important to remain consistent with your style for the rest of what is served at your event.

Glasses of champagne next to steak, potatoes, and peas on a plate
Glasses of champagne next to steak, potatoes, and peas on a plate

Foods to pair with champagne

Entrees- two of the best types of meat to pair with champagne are fried chicken and steak. [source]Opens in a new tab.

Sides- a couple of the best sides and snacks to serve along with your meal planned around the champagne include nuts and fruit, citrus fruits in particular (oranges, nectarines and tangerines, key lime, white grapefruit, lemons, etc.). [source]Opens in a new tab.

Desserts to pair with champagne

Cream and butter based desserts- A few pretty popular dessert dishes based with cream and butter are: strawberry shortcake, shortbread cookies, rosemary butter cookies, angel food cake, Kentucky butter cake, key lime pie, buttery coconut bars, and orange sugar cookies.

Non alcoholic drinks to pair with champagne

There are some people who either do not enjoy or have committed to not drink any form of alcohol. This could be for a number of different reasons including personal health issues, religious commitments, age limitations, previous addiction problems, or just personal preference.

Some of the best non alcoholic drinks to pair with champagne, for either minors or adults, are Italian sodas. [source]Opens in a new tab. Italian sodas are popular because they combine soda water, sugar flavor, and ice. Five of the most popular flavors for Italian sodas are the following:

  1. Peach
  2. Raspberry
  3. Cherry Lime
  4. Mango
  5. Strawberry

Cotton Candy Glitter Bombs for champagne

As if champagne isn’t exciting enough on its own, you can add some excitement to your event with fun drink mixes such as the following:

What are they?

Cotton candy glitter bombs have the same concept as bath bombs, which most people are familiar with, but they’re for your champagne.

Are they expensive?

Cotton candy glitter bombs are very inexpensive; you can get cotton candy glitter bombs onlineOpens in a new tab. or in stores for almost always under five dollars.

What are my color options?

The idea behind cotton candy glitter bombs is that they’re fun and different, therefore there’s a large color palette to choose from if you’re looking in the right place. You can find sites that sell glitter bombs with colors such as: emerald green, silver, gold, baby blue, hot pink, violet purple, deep turquoise, champagne rose goldOpens in a new tab., etc.

At what types of events would cotton candy champagne bombs work well?

The best part about the many different color options for champagne drink bombs is that you can match them to the color scheme of your wedding or event. If your wedding colors are pink, silver, and gold, include your drink bombs in them!

Another creative way to utilize drink bombs is as a fun gender reveal for a baby (just make sure you have non-alcoholic champagne for the baby’s momma).

Are there any real health benefits that come from drinking champagne?

Close up of happy friends clinking glasses of champagne and sailing on yacht
Close up of happy friends clinking glasses of champagne and sailing on yacht

Some studies show that there can be a number of realistic health benefits from drinking champagne, but only in very limited amounts (like one to three glasses in one week), [source]Opens in a new tab. including:

  • boost overall brain health, &
  • memory loss prevention (including dementia)

Is it unhealthy to drink champagne every day?

Generally, it is not unhealthy to drink champagne every day. However, personal circumstances may require that an individual lower their champagne intake in order to maintain good health.

How much champagne is too much for one person to drink in a week?

Friends drinking champagne at luxury restaurant
Friends drinking champagne at luxury restaurant

How many fluid ounces are in a single bottle of champagne?

There are just barely over twenty-five total fluid ounces in one bottle of champagne.

How many bottles of champagne can I go through every week?

Safe health guidelines state that an individual should not consume more than one and a half bottles of champagne in one week, which is equivalent to about thirty seven or thirty eight ounces.

This is less amount of champagne than the previously mentioned two glasses in a day, because the measure of champagne per week assumes that you are drinking much more frequently than the measure for how much champagne you can drink in just a single, isolated day.

What are the ingredients in champagne?

The ingredients of regular champagne are usually the following: yeast or saccharmonyces; sugar (cane or beet); sulfite; fining or thinning agents such as gelatin, casein, isinglass, egg whites, and skimmed milk; grapes; and liqueur d’expedition, which can be in the form of brandy, ascorbic acid, citric acid, copper sulfate, or sulfur dioxide. [source]Opens in a new tab.

Is champagne alcoholic?

Champagne has always been an alcoholic drink. There is non-alcoholic champagne, but it is more similar to wine than traditional champagne.

What’s in non alcoholic champagne?

Non-alcoholic champagne contains the following: white tea, white cranberry & ginger, and a smidge of blue agave. [source]Opens in a new tab.

Is it okay for minors to drink non alcoholic champagne?

While non-alcoholic champagne is legal for minors to drink since it does not actually contain any measure of alcohol, it is an area for concern in the department of underage drinking.

The taste of alcoholic and non-alcoholic champagne is relatively the same, so adults worry that children might seek out drinking before they reach drinking age, after being introduced to gateway drinks.

Can I drink more champagne than other alcoholic drinks?

People dressed up at a party drinking champagne
People dressed up at a party drinking champagne

There are different amounts of any alcoholic drink that are considered both healthy and unhealthy.

Beer vs. champagne

You can drink more beer per day than you can champagne. For women, an acceptable amount of beer to consume per day is up to one cup for women (about twelve ounces), or two cups for men (about twenty four ounces.)

Beer is only five percent alcohol, whereas champagne is usually about twelve percent alcohol, which is what causes the significant difference in acceptable consumption amounts. [source]Opens in a new tab.

Wine vs. champagne

Similar to champagne is wine. The alcohol content in wine is the same as champagne, which is twelve percent. The recommendation for daily wine consumption is the same as that for beer. Women should not exceed more than one glass of wine a day (about five ounces), and men should not exceed two glasses of wine a day (about ten ounces.) [source]Opens in a new tab.

How many calories are in champagne?

Glasses of champagne and eggs benedict and salad on a white plate on white table
Glasses of champagne and eggs benedict and salad on a white plate on white table

What is a calorie really?

A calorie is a scientific unit representing our energy levels. As our bodies naturally require energy to function throughout the day (in fact, every single cell does), calories are what fuel our bodies and allow us to be active when we would like.

How many ounces are in one fluid ounce of champagne?

Standard champagne contains around twenty-five calories per one fluid ounce. Compared to, say, vodka, champagne has less than fifty percent the amount of calories that vodka does per fluid ounce. A comparable drink to champagne in terms of amount of calories is red wine, which has about twenty-four calories per one fluid ounce.

How many calories are in one glass of champagne?

According to the twenty-five to one ratio of calories per ounce of champagne, a standard glass containing four ounces of champagne would contain about one hundred calories?

Does non-alcoholic champagne have fewer calories than alcoholic champagne?

Champagne that is not alcoholic actually has fewer calories than traditional champagne. Regular champagne has about ten more calories per ounce than non-alcoholic champagne does. [source]Opens in a new tab.

Is champagne expensive?

Champagne in a hotel room, ice bucket, glasses and fruits on white linen
Champagne in a hotel room, ice bucket, glasses and fruits on white linen

Champagne is considered fancy for a reason- it’s very expensive.

Is champagne expensive compared with other beverages?

Sparkling wine- champagne is almost double the price of sparkling wine, putting it in the fifty to three hundred dollar range for quality champagne. [source]Opens in a new tab.

The reign of champagne

Now that you have a good idea of what goes into serving, mixing, buying, measuring, and enjoying champagne, it’s time to put it into action. Whatever event is coming up that has you reading this article will be a hit if you follow the most important details we’ve discussed…

  1. Get enough champagne.
  2. Serve the right amount of champagne.
  3. Pair good foods and desserts with champagne.
  4. Offer non-alcoholic champagne or other drink options.
  5. Don’t be afraid to accessorize your champagne.

The bottom line is that champagne makes a bold statement, especially when served to crowds at an entire event. So, whatever statement it is that you want your champagne to make, make it proudly.

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